Personal Coaching

I’m passionate about environmental sustainability in business and am committed to helping businesses reap its benefits as part of their core business values.  I realise that when compared with the modern day stresses and pressures business owners and entrepreneurs face, leaving a better footprint falls a long way down on the list of priorities.  That’s why my one-on-one coaching services are aimed at helping you:

  • Discover what drives you and your business, and
  • Harness your passions in order to deepen your connection with the environment.

It’s not good enough working to live, focused primarily on keeping your head above water and meeting financial commitments.  This narrows our focus and disconnects us from the world around us.  But without setting clear goals and purpose in business, we will continue to struggle to give nature the priority it deserves.  We’ll also struggle to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, being honest about what our long-term legacy on the planet is and what we’ll really leave behind.

My starting point is simple.  The highest values we should all have, in life as in business, are ensuring clean air and water.  If these are in jeopardy, so are we.  My 13 years plus experience in project management ensures my understanding of the pressures you face as a business owner and operator.  My passion for environmental sustainability and extensive experience in the area ensures my ability to help you transform your business into an economically viable and environmentally responsible entity.

My one-on-one coaching services will help you:

  • Triple your bottom line through the lifecycle planning of your business, helping you capture savings from responsible energy and water use and cutting down on waste;
  • Find direction, clarity and longevity in sustainable business growth;
  • Unblock emotional and limiting beliefs holding you back from your true potential, and
  • Use powerful goal setting techniques to achieve and sustain your desired results.

If you’ve always been interested in running a more environmentally responsible business but don’t know where to start, contact me.  Together we can work together to create positive change in your business and personal life, ensuring the impact you have on the environment is a positive one.

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