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I moved out of home at the age of 15, largely as a result of my parents’ approach to my father’s alcoholism.  I soon learnt to budget, cook, clean and care for myself while I finished high school. This self-sufficiency and independence meant I could support myself through my Civil and Environmental Engineering degree at the University of Technology, Sydney. My belief in the importance of the right attitude and approach to life was proven when I completed my degree and started working in a male dominant field and was earning over 6 figures by 27. I was subjected to a lot of doubt studying engineering and working in construction, however what I discovered is; what ever you choose to focus on in life; that area continually expands. I practiced every day setting goals and over time this become a life-changing habit. Just like a muscle is developed through discipline routine and exercise, its practice, practice, practice. You will always come across people who doubted you or question your presence and the trick is focus on delivering your intent and purpose in what ever you do and you will always come out shining on the other end. At the end of the day YOU choose whether of not to be affected by other people thoughts, and when you do ask yourself the question: Does this add value to me?

I was awarded the UTS Women in Engineering Scholarship ($45K) as part of my engineering degree. Having to struggle with finances this was a huge relief and achievement and more importantly quantum leaped my understanding in life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you ask or fight for. I also completed a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy from mechanical Engineering at RMIT, Melbourne, I truly believe energy is going to be the biggest environmental revolution and positioned myself to be ready for when the time is right.

My career began in project management, delivering a $100 million project for Australian Federal Police and Department of Finance and Administration in Canberra.  Since then I’ve worked on multi-million dollar projects for a variety of clients including ANZ, Woolworths, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Canberra Labour Club, Department of Treasury and Finance, Defence, AGL and Victorian Government departments.  Besides developing an innate ability to solve business problems with an ‘out of the box’ approach, I’ve learned to harness the human dimension of sustainability and passionate about sharing it with others.

My move into coaching has been driven by a desire to help people move away from the ‘work to live’ ethos, encouraging a deeper connection with the world around them. My project management skills sets is ultimately about managing a series of steps and tasks in order to achieve an end goal. My vision is to teach 330,000 people to continually position themselves (set yourself up) each day to live in life with health, wealth, adventure and abundance. If this is the kind of shift you’d like to make or considering, please visit my services page or contact me for more information.

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